My Daily Journal

Why this daily journal?

Well, for 2 reasons. First, I want to help you by giving insight in my daily tasks and show you what it really takes to run my blogs and make money as an affiliate.

Secondly, to keep you informed about what’s going on the market and refer you to news, product launches, special offers, great articles, videos, and tips that I think are worth to share.

So, let’s start…

January 20, 2018
A great article today on Thrive Themes (the theme I use on this blog): A Simple Framework to Create More Beautiful AND Higher Converting Websites.

This framework is a different way to think about design instead of just focusing on what looks pretty.

January 18-19, 2018
Yesterday, I read an interesting article on Social Media Examiner from Sandra Clayton, How to Generate More Leads From Your Blog.

Especially, the part about Content Upgrades and the explained simple method about how to build a Free Resource Library from past content upgrades, is really easy to setup and smart way to allow your visitors to only subscribe once but still get access to all different content upgrades!

Today, was my “admin and tax” day. Boring, but necessary, and luckily I’m ready now with the “groundwork” for 2017 and only have to fill in my income tax forms.

Furthermore, I obtained the White Label rights to sell Tony Newton’s excellent Niche Authority Domination course, and added it on

It’s a 14-video, step by step course explaining from start to finish how to build authority sites.

January 16-17, 2018
Today, YouTube announced Additional Changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

Back in April of 2017, YouTube already set a YPP eligibility requirement of 10,000 lifetime views to allow for monetization on YouTube.

And starting today, this eligibility requirement has been “sharpened” for new monetization requests. So that your account should have at least 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers.

On February 20th, 2018, YouTube will also implement this threshold across existing channels on their platform, to allow for a 30 day grace period. On that date, channels with fewer than 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 watch hours will no longer be able to use YouTube’s monetization features.

So, until you’ll reach those numbers, you can’t add clickable CTA end screens or use Adsense monetization on your YouTube videos.

Of course, you can still add your link(s) in your video description or use YouTube advertising.

For new YouTube marketers, this is a rather “high” threshold, especially to get 1,000 subscribers.

The good part… probably wannabee video marketers with boring and awful videos, will give up, leaving more space for quality and interesting videos and channels.

Moral, go for quality and create videos that people really want to watch. This way you’ll build your following and subscribers (naturally), and the sooner you’ll reach the new thresholds.

Speaking about video marketing, a new application was released today called Recastly.

It allows you to easily add subtitles and voiceovers to your videos in almost any language you want.

Read my Recastly review to see why any serious video marketer needs this new app. It also has a great Agency upgrade that allows you to sell this app as your own and keep 100% of the profits yourself!

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High-ticked launch to learn from or join…

7 Figure Cycle

January 13-15, 2018
This weekend, I spent my time on updating my articles The Top 10 JVZoo Affiliates 2017 and what you can learn from them and the Top 25 Best Selling Products on JVZoo as JVZoo announced the “2017 winners”.

No new names or surprises among the winners, but a must read articles for any affiliate.

Furthermore, I added the Stripe payment option (in extension to PayPal) to all my deals on with checkout via ThriveCart. So, now people who don’t like PayPal or can’t use PayPal can also buy my deals.

(The next step is to add this Stripe option to my JVZoo checkout pages)

New Free Trial. For software products sold on GeorgesDeals with cloud-based membership access (hence, not for WP plugins or courses), you now can try them out for one week. Just send an email to [email protected] and tell me which product you want to try out.

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January 11-12, 2018
Recommended reading/watching:

What’s my view on Facebook’s News Feed changes?

As Facebook will now mainly show “personal” and content that you (or many of your friends) engage with in your News Feed, and my regular posts about new product reviews (and even new hacks) won’t get much engagement, I do expect a sharp decrease in free organic Facebook traffic reach.

However, that’s no reason to stop with publishing posts or to close down my Fanpage. Because I still “need” my Fanpage for advertising purposes (mainly to retarget to my website visitors) and to allow my “fans” to message with me. Plus if someone visits my Fanpage, (s)he will still see my posts.

That said, it seems that the only way to get organic FB traffic is by posting really engaging content (i.e. content that people share, comment on, and like), or manage a FB Group (where again inside the Group you’ll need engaging content – otherwise it won’t show up in your members’ News Feeds).

Also, don’t use automation anymore for your Facebook postings. Facebook prefers manually postings and human interaction!

I can’t make it better. As online marketer you have to adjust.

The “good” part… your personal News Feed will show less (fake) news or non-engaging Fanpage updates but more personal and engaging content. Hence, the content most people want to see.

And for marketing purposes… it’s easier to find (viral) engaging content and ads that you can “copy” and use in your own marketing campaigns.

January 9-10, 2018
Today, I had to rewrite my Reevio review. Reevio is an awesome video creator tool that allows you to start with a template/scene (as Logo, Promo, Motion Text, Live Mockup, Slideshow, Whiteboard, or Explainer scene) and rearrange your scene the way you want and add your text, video, image(s), or add all kind of other digital assets (6,000+).

Hence, now everyone can create professional videos without any designing or technical skills.

Until now, you could become a member and got direct access to all templates and digital assets for a yearly fee. Unfortunately, the vendors decide to change their pricing strategy. For a limited time, you can get access for a lower lifetime fee (but with less templates – about 100 instead of 250+) and can become a member of the monthly Templates Club. As the price for the front-end is going to a monthly fee model as well, now it’s time to secure your lifetime access.

For those of you who want to promote a quality high-ticket launch (via Clickbank) that pays per lead and per sale, check out…

Digital Bootcamp

In my email inbox, I found links to these recommended articles:

For those of you who want to follow a free Masterclass about Product Planning/Creation/Testing/Launching and get 30 days free access to ConvertKit (ESP/Autoresponder), SamCart (Checkout Cart application), and Thinkific (to sell/deliver Courses)… register yourself by clicking on the image below…

Product Creation Masterclass

January 6-8, 2018
On Saturday, I published my review about VisualReel, a new all-in-one visual graphics creator that allows you to easily create Cinemagraphs, Memes, and Quote Images. I really like the huge visual library and the feature that you can turn boring images, GIFs, and Videos into attention grabbing visuals by adding your (text/image) overlays and/or add colorful borders around your visuals emphasizing your CTAs.

Furthermore, I was a little surprised about Instagram’s new strong Anti-Spam policies and effects it will have for Instagram automation software. Read this article on the GramKosh’s blog to see how they react to these changes.

Lesson, most social media platforms don’t like auto following, auto publishing etc. And sooner or later there is a risk that they will ban the automation apps (or worse close your social Account). Or you’ll see lower reach in comparison to manually posting. Hence, use social media automation with care and don’t “automate” every interaction. You know, it’s a social, so be social and interact as a human being.

In my email inbox this weekend, I found links to these 2 recommended articles:

January 4 + 5, 2018
On Thursday, there were 2 interesting launches: Insta Storie (video Stories creator app) and WP Blazer Suite (WP Management/Publishing/Security/Backup app to manage all your WP sites from one central dashboard).

Hence, I took my time to finish my reviews for both.

As I’m a member of Mario Brown’s and Oliver Goodwin’s Software Empire Club, that gives me every month a new software with White Label rights (f.e. see VidElligence or Viddictive), I’ll get these rights next week also for Storie.

That’s why, I didn’t promote Story to my list and on Social Media yet. But just wrote my review. So, watch out for my special Storie deal early February!

Note: WP Blazer Suite comes with a great White Label/Resell option (as last upsell) (added to my overview page Software with White Label/Resell Rights).

Furthermore, I subscribed to Dan Ashendorf’s Bonus Monkey Membership. For $9.95 per month, you’ll get 20 bonus products every month that you can give away as an affiliate to people who bought via your affiliate link. The good part… as this program is running for 6 months now, you’ll also get immediately access to the first 120 bonuses! Of course, I’ll use the most interesting bonuses and will add them to

For more tips how to create bonus pages and get quality bonuses to give away, check out How To Launch Your First Product.

2 products I really like released new features today…

First, PayKickStart added a new Exit Intent Pop-Up feature, the option to Add Custom Fields to Checkout Pages, and you now can Add Custom CSS, Javascript & Tracking Pixels to Checkout Pages, Popup Widgets & Form Embeds. PayKickStart has been launched about a year ago and continually are improving their checkout card and affiliate features. The vendors listen to their clients and really want to become the best Checkout app (with built-in affiliate platform).

Secondly, Thrive Themes, added some extra features to Thrive Architect. Read the blog post to learn more about the extra features.

January 3, 2018
Again, no major product launch. So I spent my day with the 2 tasks I had planned for the day.

As first task, I created a new page “My Favorite Software Products” (in the top bar menu called “Software”).

Before, the menu leads to a category page with all my software reviews ordered by date (as written based upon the launch calendar).

The new page shows only the best software products per topic!

As second task, I created a new Affiliate Page for my products that I sell on

Although I had some affiliates for just a few products. Now anyone can become an affiliate and promote my products (50% commissions)!

Note: I still use JVZoo for half of my products and ThriveCart for the other half, but my intention is to remove all products from JVZoo and use ThriveCart solely.

In my email inbox today, I found links to these 3 recommended articles:

What reminds me to write my own “Trends for 2018” and “Facebook Ads 101” articles (on my “To-Do-List”)

January 2, 2018
Today, there was no major product launch (except a small PLR launch “YouTube Ads 2.0” created by Dr. Amit Peek). No reason for me to write a review.

But Tony Shepherd launched a PDF Report with Private Label Rights titled “Replace Your Salary With A Fast And Simple Online Profit Model!“.

Of course, I took this offer as I already had 7 of his other reports (for full details, read my article “I just write stuff and sell it” – Tony Shepherd’s Business Model.

As Tony never informs his readers upfront about these special deals, I hadn’t planned this purchase and related additional tasks. But I decided to go for it and spent the next few hours with reading the report, thinking about it, writing my remarks… setting up the sales page, checkout page (created with ThriveCart) and thank you page… adding this PDF to Tony’s Bundle (from 7 to 8 reports)… adding/creating an extra product “Get 4 of Tony’s Reports for the price of 3“… adding the report to… updating the “I just write” article… and mailing my prior buyers who bought one of Tony’s reports from me before (I also gave free access to the buyers who already bought Tony’s Bundle).

To summarize, I did go the extras mile and did setup everything as I wanted. Was it a good “investment”?

Well, Tony’s reports are “evergreen” with no-nonsense high-quality “to-the-point” actionable content. I can keep the reports on my blogs for years…

And I can keep on selling them or give away as bonuses to buyers who buy thru my affiliate links.

So, it’s an asset. And I’m actually doing what Tony is teaching in his report The Real Truth About How To Make (Actual, Countable, Spendable) Money From PLR And White Label!

The rest of the day, I was analyzing the launch calendar to select which products I’m going to review/promote this month. The first week starts slow, but later during the month some great new products will be launched!

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