“I just write stuff and sell it” – Tony Shepherd’s Business Model

Tony Shepherd - I just Write Stuff and Sell It

Who is Tony Shepherd?

In Tony’s own words: “I’m a family-based, chutney-eating, potato-planting, beardy-wearing, wine-drinking, banjo-playing, life-enjoying, cyber-hippy writer running an online business from home“.

Others called him a Super-Affiliate, an Internet Marketing Rockstar and even a Six-Figure Wookie!

His lifestyle and mission?

You can read Tony’s About Page. But to summarize it in one sentence…

“Only working a couple of hours a day, family, friends, good times and simple living”

His mission is simple… “I want to help other people to experience the freedom of not needing a 9-5 job by implementing simple, effective strategies to build their own online business”

His business model?

“I just write stuff and sell it”.

Of course, this is a simplification. But as Tony explains…

You can’t emulate someone else successfully because all you have in this amazing technological age where pretty much ANYTHING can be replicated…

… are your thoughts and ideas.

They’re the genuine article – the actual you.

All you have to figure out is a way to market them.

And that’s what Tony is doing and teaching for his living for over 10 years now…

All he’s using, is his Pages word processor on his MacBook Pro and he saves all of his content and ideas into PDF’s.

Tony’s publications

Tony uses his Micro Reports to give away as Lead Magnet and to build his list.

The longer, but easy-reading and no-fluff reports, he usually sells to his list (for $17.00). But with a twist, he only makes them available for a very short period (usually just for 3 days).

As upsells (back-end sales), Tony also created 3 advanced programs (with more content and several modules) with funny names as “Flipping The Switch”, “Breaking The Rules”, and “Stop Killing The Cat” (all priced $97.00).

Finally, Tony also has a well-known and high-quality “Private Newsletter” service, where subscribers get every month a new PDF by email with all kind of online marketing and product creation tips.

Tony’s marketing

Of course, besides the “simple” creation process, the ‘how’ to sell his products is the other part of the story, but guess what?

Tony keeps that simple too. He doesn’t waste time doing things that he is not comfortable with, and instead concentrates on putting his stuff in front of people who will buy it without needing to be pushy or salesy.

Actually, most of the times, Tony doesn’t use affiliates to promote his products.

Of course, he sells his products via his email lists.

But he uses another smart technique…

Tony “only” allows his buyers to buy the PLR rights to his publications, and sell them as a “co-branded” publication.

This way, only “happy” users, who bought the product(s) and learned the concepts themselves, are promoting his products and his “brand”. Resulting in more leads and clients for Tony himself.

Special Offer

So, as one of his “big fans”, I bought the PLR rights for 12 of Tony’s publications myself.

And as these publications are all of high quality and “evergreen”, I don’t have to change any of the content.

The content is relevant, to the point, and you’ll find some really eye-openers inside.

But as extra service, for each publication, I have added my own remarks and extra suggestions in a separate PDF for you.

This way, besides the easy to understand concepts and ideas coming out Tony’s mind, you’ll get some practical tips and bonuses from me as well.

What are the topics of these publications?

Just click on the individual links and see what you can learn inside these publications.

Without doubt, you’ll find some new insights and eye-openers.

Not just for starters, but also for everyone who doesn’t make 5 figures each month.

Why still struggle if you can take benefit of the experiences of a “smart hippy” with more than 10 years of experience?

Tony has sold these PDFs always with a minimum price of $17.00.

Just for a limited time, I can give you a discount… and you only have to pay $9.97 for each publication.

Tony Shepherd Pricing Table 12 reports

Or buy all 12 publications at once for just $60.00 (extra 50% discount!)

Go directly to this Checkout Page to get the Full Bundle.

Or… New Option: Select 4 reports and pay for just 3!

Go to this Checkout Page, pay just $30.00, and send an email to [email protected] and let us know which 4 products you want.

As said, for each PDF you’ll buy, you’ll get my own remarks and extra suggestions in a separate PDF.

I really want you to succeed and can highly recommend these publications.

As extra bonus, for each individual PDF you’ll buy, you get 40 bonus points (or 80/160 points if you’ll buy the semi/full bundle) which you can change for great WP Plugins, Courses and other information products on Select Your Bonus.

Finally, to make this is a no-brainer. If you’ll pick up Tony Shepherd’s Bundle with all these 12 publications, you can choose one product for free on GeorgesDeals.com. (Just let me know which product you want)

Via Tony Shepherd, I could obtain 2 other White Label products created by Tony Newton…

The first product is…

Tony Newton Niche Authority Domination

Tony Newton, a close friend of Tony Shepherd, is a real expert in building effective authority sites that can bring $100 – $10,000 per month.

Niche Authority Domination course is a 14-video, step by step course explaining from start to finish how to build these authority sites. Usually Tony Newton sells this course for $97.00, but for a limited time, you can get this complete course for just $27.00.

The second course is… Pocket Money Mugs

Pocket Money Mugs - Tony Newton

In this “No-fluff” 28-page PDF publication, Tony Newton shares everything about how ANYONE can make money by selling Print-on-Demand Mugs on Etsy (or any other eCommerce platforms) and make a decent side income.

Or if you are smart, you’ll buy Tony Shepherd’s Full Bundle and select Niche Authority Domination (or Pocket Money Mugs if you prefer) as the free bonus product that you can select on GeorgesDeals.com!

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